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Welcome to The Buddha Barn, a sacred space for a soulful community. Looking to transform & transcend? Awesome! Our yoga classes are welcoming whether you're an aspiring newcomer or a seasoned yogi. Personal training sessions are custom designed to exercise your mind, body & spirit. We love to learn and play so jump in on our ongoing workshops, trainings & retreats. Our staff is super cool. Our vibe is friendly, funky & fresh. Meet us at The Barn, where breath meets Bhakti.


the space.

The Buddha Barn is a cozy, inviting space where you'll always be greeted with kindness and compassion. Clients often say it feels like a hidden gem. Our soulful yoga studio has an instant positive vibe, dimly lit with twinkling lights, decorated with inspiring artwork, candles and a tapestry of Ganesh. Subtle scents of lavender and patchouli linger in the air, along with the sounds of chill music, conversation and laughter. Located in the quaint, bustling town of Bellmore, New York with close proximity to parkways & the LIRR. We are a friendly community of small businesses. Parking is available in the double lot behind our building and on Bellmore Ave. We can't wait to meet you!



Kelly Mitchell is the owner of The Buddha Barn, Yoga & Wellness: a soulful place to transform the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. Kelly began her yoga journey fifteen years ago, as a way to begin the healing process after years of struggling with anxiety and negative body image. It was the catalyst which led to countless workshops, therapy and retreats, which ultimately led to a career as a teacher. She opened her studio in 2013 to create a  haven for people to learn, heal and  grow. A space to feel the togetherness that comes with community. Her mission is to simply pay it forward,  and to guide her students with love, every step of the way. In addition to teaching group yoga classes, Kelly also offers private yoga, personal training, lifestyle/nutrition coaching, Reiki, teacher trainings & retreats.

"I am a learning junkie. I'm addicted to activating my mind, honoring my body and healing my soul so that I can humbly and passionately spread that awareness to my students." -Kelly Mitchell

Kelly is a 500hr RYT and has recently attended Spirit Speak with the internationally celebrated yoga teacher, Seane Corn. Her other certifications include Lifestyle, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, 

Embody Love Facilitator, Guest Speaker and 

Reiki Practitioner Level ll . Yoga Alliance certified

The BUDDHA Barn promotes health and well being through careful attention to the individual needs of each and every client, as they embark on their journey to personal enlightenment.

the fam.

terri cohen-lieberman


For almost 20 years, Yoga has been Terri's foundation. She credits her practice with giving her the focus to graduate Magna Cum Laude from law school, the strength to carry three healthy pregnancies while working full time, and the balance to raise her spirited children in this over scheduled world. Her classes offer a safe environment for all bodies and the reminder to bring the awareness you find on the mat to all areas of your life. Terri completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012. She remains focused on learning and received additional certifications in Yin Yoga with Corina Brenner in 2014, Yoga 4 Cancer with Tari Prinster in 2017, and 250-hour Hot Yoga/26&2 through Evolation Yoga in 2018.

elaine jemmott


Kids Yoga Instructor

Creator: Oil Invaders & Mindful Monkeys

Elaine is super cool, fun and energetic. She's a proud Mama of four beautiful children. Her Kids & Family Yoga Workshops are unique and creative including: breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, activities, crafts and so much more! Elaine is also an essential oil expert, incorporating  the benefits of yummy smells and the healing properties of oils in everything she does. Breathe it all in - love it all out!

jeannine perrin


RYT-200, Massage Therapist

Jeannine first began her yoga exploration in 1995 whilst earning her NYS Massage License at the NY College of Health Profession and has since been evolving her yoga practice, massage business, and family all around the world. While living in Australia, this free spirit earned her 200hr RYT and now guides classes which are an all inclusive and open learning experience. “Using gratitude as a super power, I invite a reinforcement of curiosity and practical growth for all bodies, minds, and souls through the endless learning practice that is yoga.” -Jeannine Perrin

anna blasi


Anna is 200hr RYT with a certification in Kids Yoga. Anna's passion is to empower her students through concentration on deep breathing, mindful meditation and relaxation techniques to connect mind, body and soul. She also loves to inspire children and tweens and believes a deep stretch can do wonders for every day life. Anna creates a safe and nurturing environment in all of her classes!

teresa mason


Teresa is a 200hr Always-at-Aum (Yoga Alliance Certified) yoga teacher with Karma Kids Yoga certification. In her classes you can expect to be challenged but supported. She likes to encourage mindfulness and compassion in the body as well as inspire you to bring fun into your yoga practice. When not on her mat you can most likely find Teresa at the gym, traveling the world, or cuddled up with her cat and her nose in a book. 

kelly masterson


Kelly is a 200hr Always-at-Aum (Yoga Alliance Certified) yoga teacher. She loves to inspire others to become more grounded and present in  their bodies, exactly as they are!  Her kind and gentle soul radiates positivity in all of her classes!

heather kopelman



Heather has been practicing yoga for 20+ years. She discovered yoga in her twenties and the practice allowed her to stay centered as she studied for her Master’s Degree in Literacy Studies. Heather’s yoga practice helped her to be a more mindful elementary school teacher and supported her throughout her two pregnancies. As a stay-at-home-mom, she often found her “home” on the yoga mat, coming back to it time and time again. Being a teacher at heart, the timing was finally right for Heather to fulfill her dream of becoming a yoga instructor. Heather completed her 200hr YTT  through Always-At-Aum Yoga School in the Spring of 2019. 

Heather wants to share her love of yoga and help others feel as at home on their mats as she does. Her classes focus on the mind body connection through breath, movement, presence and self-awareness.

river soul


River Soul: RYT-200 Yoga Darshana Center, Reiki Master

Starting a meditation practice in 8th grade, River found very early on the importance that healing plays in cultivating love for the Self and in divine connection. Coming from an eclectic background, including shamanism, reiki, yoga, dance, and art, River loves to learn and to give back those lessons to the communities they work with. As a gender non-conforming person, one of their many passions is to make healing modalities all-inclusive and accessible to all walks of life. With trainings in trauma sensitivity, River focuses on the integration of ease and compassion into every class. Some things that River loves to do is hike, make music, paint, play with their gecko, make candles, learn and hug trees. They believe that this life has whatever meaning we make of it and their meaning to is explore consciousness, love unconditionally, and live freely with curiosity.

keryn avery


Keryn Avery was formally trained in ballet, tap and jazz. She was an instructor for Universal Dance Association. She was also a member of the nationally ranked Hofstra University Dance Team. Currently, Keryn is a certified HS competitive Cheerleading Coach and also coaches a special needs All-Star Co-Ed Cheerleading team. She prides herself in applying her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction certification in all aspects of her professional and personal life! Her Buddha Barre classes are so much fun!

jodi waterman


Jodi began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago.  First as a physical practice, and then as a tool to reduce stress and find peace in challenging life situations, yoga took a greater role in Jodi's life and well-being practice.  Jodi completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2015, and soon began teaching, although her goal was initially self-exploration rather than teaching others.  She quickly found that teaching added much to her own practice, sharing the techniques that bring mindful awareness, peace, and a relaxed smile to each practitioner.  She particularly finds joy in teaching students new to yoga how the practice can enrich their lives on and off the mat, and how the mind/body/breath/soul connection is the most powerful tool we own.  Jodi has continued her spiritual education, with additional certifications in Restorative Yoga and Reiki Level II.  Her classes focus on breathwork, intentional movement, and self-compassion.

"If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it."  - Yogi Bhajan

Rosa Duglinsky


Rosa Dluglinsky RYT-200

Rosa’s yoga journey began when she was six. She would watch "Lila’s Yoga and You" with her  Mother when nobody else was awake in the house. It was their special time. Throughout the years, Rosa would always come back yoga to help her deal with the stresses of daily life. Even though she participated in other sports, Rosa was always pulled to yoga. In 2017 her husband gave her the gift of "200 Teacher Training" for their 20th wedding anniversary. From that time she has continued her study of yoga and has become a certified children’s and teen yoga teacher as well as receiving training in the teaching of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Rosa’s goal as a yoga teacher is to help her students achieve a sense of wholeness and peace as they connect with their breath during asana. "I’ve been very fortunate to practice and learn with teachers that have helped me in ways far beyond the mat. I want to pay it forward". When Rosa is not on her mat, you can find her curled up with a good book. She also has a passion for traveling as she likes to collect stamps on her passport from different parts of the world. "I love to spend time with my family and friends as well as making new friends through traveling. Life is an adventure and each day is a chance for a new journey."

nancy haas


Nancy is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, who recently returned from her training at the Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia. She discovered yoga during a transitional period of her life and soon found that it healed her both mentally and physically. Nancy wants to take all that she's learned from her journey and travels and help others to discover the many healing properties of yoga and meditation. Her hobbies include photography, film making, cooking and traveling.

we can't wait to meet you!


buddha barn mascot


Miss Celie loves her occasional visits to the studio! This 4lb bundle of furry love always greets clients with a sniff and a friendly lick. She's a serious yogi and her favorite pose...savasana of course! 


Curious newcomers & seasoned yogis: 

First and foremost, all are welcome to our sacred space! We love beginners, after all, there's always an opportunity to learn something new. Our advanced yogis love to share their experiences and offer guidance and support. That's what being a yogi is all about! We are a little family at The Barn and the positive energy is palpable!
What do I bring to a class?

We have everything you need but feel free to bring your own yoga stuff and positive energy!
Packages & Payments: 

Payments for classes and packages can be purchased online or in person. Cash, check and credit card accepted. Feel free to schedule your appointment for a free consultation.
Does The Buddha Barn have any resources regarding healthy eating? 

YES!! In addition to Nutrition Coaching, check out the Buddha Barn Blog, where you can find tips on healthy eating, yummy organic recipes, how to go food shopping and so much more! The theme: cook with love and eat with passion.  All of the recipes were prepared by yours truly. Food is a gift...enjoy!
Fun facts:

-Be sure to enjoy a cup of tea after class and grab a bunch of complimentary (biodegradable & eco-friendly) paper straws on your way out! Our little steps to help clean up the environment can lead to giant leaps...woo hoo!

-Pick up a bottle of Fire Cider  at the studio. It's literally a miracle tonic, infused with yummy ingredients for a bunch of health benefits...yesss! $25

-Did you know we have a Buddha Barn mascot? Yup! Miss Celie is a tea cup Chihuahua and she loves making occasional appearances at The Barn. She's super mushy and very friendly but also slightly Diva, a true yogi goddess.


Awesome class tonight...loved it...I was able to get into pigeon pose so much easier than in past classes! YAY! Maybe my body is starting to listen to me - finally. Can't thank you enough for the ways in which you have helped me through your classes. I have such a better outlook on the world and things since I started at The Buddha Barn, even  the way I view myself. You're magical. Thank you yoga lady extraordinaire!

-Laurie K

Just wanted to let you know I slept through the ENTIRE night yesterday...that restorative and essential oils workshop was key! Woke up with zero anxiety! You have a true gift. Thank you again.

-Gabrielle M

The Buddha Barn is a yoga studio with soul. Kelly is a true love and light yogini. This is THE place to develop a deeper, more authentic yoga practice.

-Jeannie M.

You will feel very calm, peaceful and have an overall good feeling after one of Kelly's classes. She was very patient and caring with me (a 60+ year old woman). I can see why she appeals to every age group. She makes you feel as if you are her only client. Can't wait for my next class.   

-Linda G.

This is an amazing studio with the most compassionate yoga instructor, Kelly. I have been going for 5 years and she has taught me self love, gratitude and most importantly to always believe. Her guidance, knowledge and ways of always keeping it new and exciting can not be compared to anything else. Simply the your life a favor and embark on a journey with Kelly, you will never look back! Namaste. -Donna B.


I'm new to yoga...this class was so amazing! I left feeling connected to my breath and centered. Kelly always keeps it fun and fresh. She easily modifies for all fitness levels.

-Keryn A.

I am so very happy that I found Kelly! She is amazing! I love practicing yoga with her. I find a sereneness throughout my day and newfound calmness. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Kelly is the best!

-Jamie C.​

Thank you once again Kelly. The weekend was filled with love and positive energy from the goddess women. Cheers to my new goddess friends. Wishing you all peace, love and light. Namaste, all my love.  

-Josephine M.

I am so grateful to Kelly for how she pays forward everything she's learned to help others. She has a beautiful spirit. I recently went to her yoga retreat in Montauk, and it was truly life changing for me. I was deeply touched in so many ways by her generosity. I was cracked open during the retreat, learning to love myself more. I am more mindful and connected to both myself and others. Thank you Kelly.

-Jill W.

Kelly is the best. Her class is so relaxing and has such an amazing flow. She is extremely understanding of what your body needs and allows you to go at your own pace. She makes her own essential oils that she sprays in the room and also has mats to use for clients free of charge (they are super pretty too:)).

-Tara W.

I was looking for a yoga class and a coworker recommended Kelly. I spoke to her on the phone for about 20 minutes and my wife and I decided to give it a try. That was December 2016 and I've been a regular weekly member since then. Kelly really cares for her students and encourage them to try new things. I'm 56 years old and in the best shape I've been and owe it all to Kelly. My wife decided to switch from yoga to personal training and loves it. If you're looking for yoga or personal training I highly recommend Kelly, you won't be disappointed.

-Dave D.

Kelly, I wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful and spiritual weekend. I really had a wonderful, peaceful and humbling weekend. All of the ladies were amazing inside and out. Can't wait for next years retreat. 

-Anna B.

Kelly is a very knowledgeable, friendly, relatable and spiritual trainer. She knows just how much to push, and is so easy to get along with, that time with her flies.  

​-Jen F. 

Kelly helped me fall in love with yoga again. Her classes leave me feeling at peace and relaxed. 

I love this cozy studio.  

-Elaine J.