eyes wide vegan


It's not our fault. We were raised to drink cow's milk and eat meat. It's supposed to make us healthy and strong. But we are the only species to drink another species milk. Mounting evidence shows that reducing meat and increasing plant based proteins is the healthier way to go.  It's time to unlearn...we can do it!


Goats are just like dogs. They're curious, affectionate and they know their names. They like to snuggle and play. The goats that are provided at our goat yoga events are rescued from slaughter houses and neglectful pet owners. Many "yogis" turn their noses up to goat yoga. I use it as a platform. It gives me the opportunity to use my voice, so that I can do everything possible to spread awareness. 


My intentions come from the most non-judgmental place. I consumed meat and dairy for almost 50 years! If we simply reduce the intake, we can save a bunch of animals! We can also help to save the planet because roughly one quarter of the climate change crisis can be attributed to the choices we make about the food we eat...we can really make a difference...how cool is that?!! 


Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.


I know...this is heart breaking to look at. But sometimes the truth hurts. Any little change to reduce your meat and dairy intake will make a huge difference...c'mon we can do it together!


We can be the voice for animals who don't have one.  Please reach out to me any time for a free session. We'll chat about ways to reduce your meat and dairy intake or answer any questions you might have.  I'm still learning too! I can't wait to meet you!




Times are changing...yay! It's much easier to shop for products that don't test on animals. Covergirl recently became a cruelty free brand, so you don't have to go out of your way to be a conscious shopper.  Little changes make a big difference! 


Many people who know pigs compare them to dogs because they are friendly, loyal, and intelligent. ... When given the chance to live away from factory farms, pigs will spend hours playing, lying in the sun, and exploring their surroundings with their powerful sense of smell.


Did you know that cows have very distinct personalities!  Cows are very intelligent animals who can remember things for a long time. They are emotionally complex as well and even have the capacity to worry about the future. Cows can not only figure out problems, they also, like humans, enjoy an intellectual challenge and get excited when they find a solution. Their big problem, of course, is that they’re being raised for slaughter. They don’t want to be separated from their families, and they don’t want to die. So cows have been known to use their smarts to perform amazing feats, such as leaping over a six-foot fence to escape from a slaughterhouse, walking seven miles to reunite with a calf after being sold at auction, and swimming across a river to freedom. Cows are emotional animals who have likes and dislikes, just like humans do. They're affectionate and can use their body posture and vocal sounds to express a whole range of emotions. These gentle giants mourn the death of those they love, even shedding tears over their loss.


Goats have a very special place in my heart since I started teaching goat yoga last year. It was that experience that got me to where I am now, with my eyes wide open. I realized that I loved pets, but I couldn't say I loved animals, if I was eating them. The goats that join us for yoga are curious and affectionate. They're playful and have their own unique personality, just like a dog or a cat. They answer to their names. I would never judge anyone for their choices.  My wish is to share everything that I'm learning. I know for sure that I feel lighter. Not physically...spiritually. Pre-menopause has been kicking my ass! And since I started this journey I feel less bloated, more energetic and much less cranky! We can heal each other and the save the planet by making small conscious changes. We are all worth it. 

the buddha barn:

In my barn, 

animals are cared for and nurtured. 

It's a safe haven. 

There's plenty of food and it's warm. 

There's a big green pasture for grazing

..and playing...and frolicking. 

My barn is a sanctuary, 

where no animals are harmed

...only loved.